Our Team



Amber was born in San Diego, CA and currently lives in Bremerton, WA. She joined our Brookside family in July 2012. In that time, she’s become of a go to person due to her kindness and ability to stay level headed in intense situations. She goes above and beyond for the clients and staff, and always has a smile or a joke to lighten any mood.

Some of her hobbies include photography, reading and watching horror movies. One of her favorite aspects of working at Brookside is the ability to be there for our clients during difficult decisions and guiding them through the process with empathy and grace.

Amber has a longhaired Chihuahua mix named Micah Bean, and two cats; Mister and Emma Naughty Pants. Fun trivia about Amber, her mother gave her the middle name Christine, based on Stephen King’s book about the killer car.