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We use our laser surgery unit for a variety of surgical procedures. Carbon dioxide lasers offer a variety of benefits in surgical use such less pain, bleeding and swelling. By utilizing this unit we notice a much quicker recovery after surgery.

If we feel your pet needs 24-hour care and monitoring, we will recommend that you go to the 24-hour emergency hospital nearest to you. We will provide records, x-rays, medications, when needed, and will call the emergency hospital with any additional information they might need from your pet’s initial exam.

If your pet is in need of immediate veterinary attention outside of our business hours we recommend the following emergency care facilities:

VCA Central Kitsap Animal Hospital
(360) 692-6162

Blue Pearl Emergency and Specialty Hospital
(253) 474-0791

Summit Veterinary Referral Center
(253) 983-1114

Digital radiology provides exceptional detail and clarity that helps in diagnosis. We are able to make copies of the images on CD to take with you when necessary.

We utilize the laser surgery unit in growth removals, dewclaw removals, and in canine castrations of patients under 20 pounds. This technique provides less pain, less bleeding, less chance of infection and shorter hospital stays.

We emphasize prophylactic dentistry in order to prevent the start, as well as the progression of periodontal disease. Brushing the teeth and feeding veterinary dental diets are the two best ways in prevention of plaque build up. Dental exams are recommended, and are included, in our yearly wellness exams. Some breeds such as Poodles, Schnauzers, Dachshunds, Yorkshire Terriers and Greyhounds are predisposed to dental disease and will thus need more frequent cleanings and treatments. Dental procedures, such as cleaning or extractions, require general anesthesia to be performed in a safe and efficient manner for your pet.

Our doctors believe in pain management and local blocks for all pets undergoing any surgical procedures, which keeps the patient more comfortable and enables us to use lower levels of general anesthesia.

Blood work is a commonly used diagnostic tool. We recommend blood work prior to any anesthetic procedure and every 6 to 12 months for our senior pets. We will often use blood work to diagnose viruses, endocrine deficiencies, organ disease, monitor drug levels, and check your pet’s overall internal health.

We believe vaccinations are necessary for the majority of our pets, largely due to the amount of wildlife and free-roaming pets in our rural area. We also adhere to Washington State requirements for rabies vaccination.

Our core vaccines are the DAP vaccine (distemper parvo, adenovirus and parinfluenza) and rabies vaccine in canines. For indoor felines, our core vaccines are the FVRCP vaccine (feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia) and rabies vaccine. After 1 year boosters, core vaccines are given every 3 years. We taper any non-core vaccinations based on your pet’s lifestyle and potential for exposure. We also utilize the availability of vaccine titers to measure immunity to prevent over vaccination.

We recommend annual fecal testing for parasites in dogs and cats for their own health, as well as the potential risk of transmission to humans in some cases.

Many of our animal companions have behavior issues that need to be addressed for their own safety and well being, as well as for the people around them. Our doctors and staff have a wealth of experience in this area and are happy to assist with a behavioral consult to try and help you through any problems you and your pet might be having.

We carry Royal Canin and Purina brand canine and feline veterinary prescription foods. In some cases, your pet may need to be placed on a special diet to assist in improving their overall health. Our doctors are well versed in nutrition and will help you understand and find the best options for your pet.

Our doctors believe that utilizing Eastern Medicine and Western medicine can enhance the lives of our patients. We offer a variety of Chinese herbs and nutraceuticals for organ health, behavioral health, and overall well-being for your pet.

We offer AVID microchipping as a means of permanent identification. Should your pet become lost, the chances of being reunited with your pet are much higher if they are microchipped. Please remember to take the final step in registering your microchipped pet through AVID.