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Many pet owners do not realize that many of the mushrooms that grow in their yard are toxic to dogs. Symptoms of mushroom poisoning can range from mild vomiting and diarrhea, lethargy, excessive salivation to severe digestive problems, and seizures.  

Dogs will sometimes eat wild mushrooms along with lawn grass. Dogs can sometimes become ill by just licking a poisonous mushroom.  

If you suspect or know your dog has eaten poisonous mushrooms, immediately call your veterinarian or local emergency veterinary hospital.

Prevention is the best protection
Always watch for mushrooms in areas where you walk your dogs or where they run and play. Before letting your dog out, check your yard each morning for any new growth. New mushrooms can appear overnight, especially in damp climates. Whenever you find mushrooms in your yard, dig them up. Smashing or kicking them spreads the spores and even more will grow.

It can be very difficult to tell the difference between poisonous and edible mushrooms, and even harder to describe them over the telephone. Therefore, consider any wild mushroom growing in your yard as potentially poisonous.

Toxic Mushrooms in Your Own Backyard

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