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At what age should I start my puppy on vaccines?

As long as the mother is current on vaccinations, your puppy will get some immunity passed from her milk. We recommend starting your puppy’s first vaccines at 8 weeks of age. Our doctors will recommend a vaccine schedule based on breed and lifestyle of your puppy.

When should I spay/neuter my dog?

We recommend that you spay/neuter your puppy around 6 months of age, prior to the first heat cycle in females. This gives them time to physically mature, generally, before they begin to develop negative behavior patterns.

How often should my dog have exams?

We recommend yearly exams on all dogs, even if they appear healthy. Because dogs age more quickly than people, we recommend that when they enter their senior years (generally around 7 years), they have a bi-annual exam. By examining your senior pet every 6 months, our doctors have more opportunity to find subtle changes in your dog’s health and behavior that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

My dog won’t stop itching, could it be fleas?

There are many reasons your dog may be scratching: from fleas to airborne or food allergies, external or internal parasites, bacterial infections, the list seems endless. We view itching as a problem that should be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. If treated incorrectly, your dogs itching problem could cause them more discomfort and bigger problems.

Why is my dog urinating in the house?

Urinating in the house can be either behavioral or medical. If your dog is suddenly urinating in the house it could be an infection or even incontinence. Anytime your dog is straining to urinate it should be seen immediately. Our doctors will exam your dog and discuss their current behavior. When necessary, laboratory tests will be run in order to accurately diagnose medical reasons for the behavior.

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