Even finicky feline patients think our hospital is prrfect.

Since cats come in a wide variety of breeds, personalities and lifestyles – we aim to personalize our care to the needs of the individual patient from kittenhood to their senior years.

Outdoor cats are generally hunters and explorers and therefore exposed to the elements, other cats and wildlife. This lifestyle exposes them to higher risk of various diseases and parasites. Our vaccines and parasite control are tailored to their risky lifestyle.

Indoor cats, although they lead a more sheltered life, still need vaccines, annual exams and bloodwork to keep them healthy and safe.

All Services

Services for your cat:

  • Vaccines and preventative health care based on the lifestyle of your cat from kittenhood to its senior years.
  • Various flea products available that tailor around your cat’s living environment.
  • Dewormers and heartworm protection suited to the specific needs of your cat.
  • Full skin care and expertise of food, flea and airborne allergies that can be daily irritants for your pet.
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of internal medicines with the ability to hospitalize and treat on premise.
  • Senior wellness care with emphasis on semi-annual blood work for our elderly patients.
  • Care, compassion and grief counseling when faced with an end-of-life decision.


As long as the mother is current on vaccinations, your kitten will get some immunity passed from her milk. We recommend starting your kitten’s first vaccines at 8 weeks of age. Our doctors will recommend a vaccine schedule based on the lifestyle your kitten will lead.

We recommend that you spay/neuter your kitten around 6 months of age, prior to the first heat cycle in females. This gives them time to physically mature, generally, before they begin to develop negative behavior patterns.

We recommend yearly exams on all cats, even if they appear healthy. Because cats age more quickly than people, we recommend that when they enter their senior years (generally around 7 years), they have a bi-annual exam. By examining your senior pet every 6 months, our doctors have more opportunity to find subtle changes in your cat’s health and behavior that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Cat’s often mask their health problems making it more difficult for owners to realize until they are very sick.

Both your indoor and outdoor cats can be infected by parasites & fleas. Your indoor cat can pick them up by hunting mice/rats that find their way into their protected environment or having contact with your other indoor/outdoor animals. Your outdoor cats have more opportunity to pick up parasites through their environment, fleas, hunting and other animals that wander across their path. Yearly fecal testing is recommended on all cats, and any time you feel they may have been exposed or show symptoms of parasite infestation.

Your cats urinating in the house can be either behavioral or medical. Anytime your cat is straining to urinate, it should be seen immediately. Our doctors will exam your cat and discuss their current behavior. When necessary, laboratory tests will be run in order to accurately diagnose medical reasons for the behavior. After a diagnosis has been made, medications may be prescribed to treat your cat’s current problem.


Dasuquin for Dogs A once daily flavored tablet containing glucosamine, chondroitin, and an avocado oil/soybean mixture with natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. It is the most complete joint support supplement available. Available in 84 or 150 count bottles.

Diet Food Company Logos We carry a wide variety of prescription diet foods for both dogs and cats by Royal Canin and Purina. We carry both dry and canned forms of most prescription foods.