About Us

State-of-the-art is good... add loving care - even better!

Dr. Lisa Woods, DVM and the staff of Brookside Veterinary Hospital provide high quality medicine and surgery in a caring friendly environment. Your pet’s well being and your concerns will always be our priority.

We strive to nurture the human animal bond through education, support and high quality veterinary medicine.

How We Started

Brookside Veterinary Hospital was established in 1994 as a mixed animal practice serving both large and small animals. By 2000, Dr. Lisa Woods-Zabari built and opened a new state of the art facility. After 10 years as a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Woods-Zabari wanted a hospital that would help provide better quality care to all your family pets. From small pocket pets to large dogs and small ruminants, the hospital staff’s goal is to provide loving care in a clean and comfortable environment.

We focus on client communication and education. We believe in treating our patients in the most compassionate and humane manner as well as treating both our clients and patients with care and sensitivity.

We believe in practicing high quality medicine and surgery in a caring, compassionate and family friendly environment. Our patients well being and our client’s concern will always be our priority.

Puppy/Kitten Packs
The staff at Brookside Veterinary Hospital would like to welcome your new addition to the family! It is important to us that your puppy or kitten receives the best care available. One of the first things that your new pet needs is a check up with a Veterinarian and an immunization schedule. We present our Puppy and Kitten Packs to show you what immunizations your pet needs, how often and also to offer you a savings.

Laser Therapy Package
The team at Brookside wants to make sure that your pet stays pain free. We offer 6 and 12 session packages of Cold Laser Therapy to help arthritis. Laser therapy helps address pain and inflammation, increases circulation and blood flow and can help decrease the need for medications.

Dental Package
We offer dental packages which have grouped together intravenous catheter placement and fluid therapy, gas anesthesia, pain control, dental scaling/polishing and full mouth radiographs and post procedure hospitalization. To show our support for your pets’ dental health, we now offer 10% off dental extractions if the procedure is scheduled within 30 days of an exam.

Senior Package
We created our senior package to help keep the spring in the step of your pet. It includes a doctor’s exam, full blood panel (measures red blood cells and white blood cells as well as giving us a glimpse into the function of the liver, kidneys and other vital organs.), a urinalysis to detect any urinary tract infections or crystals, a fecal screening to determine if there are any intestinal parasites or protozoa, and two radiographs to see if there are any internal masses or abnormalities in organ shape/size. You save over 14% on doing these services as a package instead of individually.